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Ezra Collective
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Ezra Collective Dates
Starting Fri Jul 1, 2022 - 12:00 PM
Ezra Collective, Lady Blackbird, Fergus...
Glynde Place, Lewes, United Kingdom

Ezra Collective Biography

Synergy in motion, London five-piece Ezra Collective are proving themselves as a harmonious tour de force. Their sound nods respectfully to a classic jazz footprint, celebrating the originators whilst simultaneously carving a path solely their own. Ezra Collective marry the delicate technicalities of jazz musicianship with afrobeat and hip hop, tied together by a sound that’s unmistakably London. Their live show is one of dynamic union; the strength of their partnership shines in performances that are commanding yet sensitive, soulful and pertinently groove-laced.

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