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Enter events with a quick scan of the simple and secure AXS Mobile ID using the AXS app for iOS and Android. Transfer tickets to friends and family, sell your tickets, and discover your next live event.

Frequently Asked Questions

AXS Mobile ID

AXS Mobile ID is a digital ticket you use with your phone. This revolving QR code resets every 60 seconds to ensure the most secure ticketing experience for fans.

Yes. Our patented AXS Mobile ID is the most secure form of ticketing on the market and ensures our fans have a trusted experience. Because of its unique design, the AXS Mobile ID cannot be sent through a standard email, so we use the AXS App to host this technology.

After you log into the AXS app, you can pull up your AXS Mobile ID in a few different ways. Tapping the ticket icon in the bottom menu will automatically pull up your AXS Mobile ID or show you a list of your upcoming events which you can select individually. You can also tap the middle icon in the bottom menu to view your AXS Mobile ID.

Yes! Tap the account icon on the far right of the bottom menu. Then tap “Customize” and you’ll be taken to your AXS Mobile ID. On the top of the screen, you’ll see different color options to personalize your ID.

Entering Your Event

When you arrive at the venue, open your AXS app and tap the ticket icon at the bottom of the screen. Select your event and your AXS Mobile ID will display. Then, simply show your mobile device to the gate associate to be scanned in.

Additionally, you can tap the middle icon in the bottom menu to pull up your AXS Mobile ID.

We recommend downloading the app before your event date and getting all logged in to save time at the event. That way, when you arrive at the venue, all you have to do is open the app, scan your AXS Mobile ID, and that’s it!

Nope! Your tickets will display in your AXS app on event day whether you’re connected to wi-fi or not. However, most venues will have wifi available.

If your phone is lost or dead at the event or you run into any other trouble - bring your ID, the credit card you used for the ticket purchase, and a copy of the confirmation email to the Box Office staff. It’s best to arrive early to ensure you don’t miss the event, but the venue staff will get you squared away.

Your AXS Account

If you’ve already purchased tickets, your account will be under the email address you used to complete the purchase (this is also where your confirmation email was sent).

Otherwise, visit and click the “Sign In” button at the top of the page. Select the “Create Account” option and input your information and follow the steps. On the AXS app, you’ll see the option to “Create Account” right on the main screen the first time you open the app.

You can reset your password either through the AXS app or at On either platform, click or tap “Sign In” then “Forgot password” and follow the steps to reset your password using the email address linked to your AXS account.

After you purchased tickets, you’ll be sent a confirmation email which will have additional information on when you can expect your tickets to arrive in your account. Keep in mind that some events will need additional time to process orders, so tickets might not show up in your account immediately.

If you’re still not seeing your tickets, be sure to double-check you're using the same email you used to make your purchase (where your confirmation email was sent). If you used the Facebook login option, you'll use your Facebook credentials. If your email is correct, a password reset might do the trick. If you've bought tickets with AXS in the past, your account will be under the email you used then.

Don’t worry! Our Support Team is available to help. You can contact them via Live Chat or Submit a Request for help HERE.

AXS Official Resale & Selling Your Tickets

AXS Official Resale gives fans a safe, simple, and official way to buy and sell tickets. If fans have tickets from AXS but can’t make it to an event, they can sell their tickets at a fair price. As the official ticket source for our events, AXS also guarantees every ticket is 100% valid. Buying resale tickets from other fans with AXS is safe, simple, and worry-free.

Resale tickets are available for many events and you’ll see them alongside standard tickets on the seat map. All of your options – standard, resale, and VIP – will appear in one spot, making it easier than ever to get the perfect tickets for your must-see events.

If you can’t make it to an event and your ticket is eligible for resale, you can list your tickets for other fans to buy (note that not all events allow the option to resell, this will depend on the policies set by the event/promoter).

You can easily list your tickets for sale on AXS by following these steps:

  • Sign in to your account
  • Select the event under “Your Events”
  • Click or tap “Sell Tickets” (which will appear if your tickets are eligible)
  • Select tickets to list, enter your price, and set your listing options
  • Review the details and list your tickets

When your tickets sell, we’ll email to let you know. You will see the appropriate funds in your AXS account and after the event takes place, you’ll be eligible to receive your payout (the selling price of the ticket less the resale fee). Follow these simple steps to transfer the money to your selected financial institution.

On desktop:

  1. Sign in to your account on
  2. Click on "Your Account" and select the "Payments" tab
  3. Click "Transfer Money"
  4. Enter a transfer amount and select transfer destination
  5. Review and complete the transfer

After you complete the transfer, the money will be in your bank account in 7-10 business days.

NOTE: Please do not attempt to transfer money before the event takes place or your transfer request will be canceled.

Transferring Tickets

Transferring tickets to others is easy! If your friend already has an AXS account, use the email address associated with their account. Otherwise, send it to the email address they prefer and they will receive a transfer confirmation email with steps on creating an AXS account.

To transfer tickets:

  • Sign in to your account
  • Select the event under “Your Events”
  • Click on “Transfer”
  • Enter the recipient's first name, last name, and email address
  • Click “Continue”
  • Review the information is correct and tap 'Transfer'

The recipient will receive an email with a link to click to get their tickets and, if they haven’t already, to download and install the AXS app.

If you already have an AXS account, the tickets will automatically be sent to your account! Just double-check your friend uses the email address associated with your AXS account!

If you don’t have an AXS account yet, no worries! You’ll receive a transfer confirmation email to the email address your friend transferred the tickets to, and from there follow the steps to create an account. Otherwise, you can go to or the AXS app and select the “Create Account” option and create an account using the email address your friend sent the tickets to and you’ll see the tickets in your accounts!

Some events and promoters will set limitations on the transferability of tickets. This will entirely depend on the event/promoter, but if your tickets are eligible for Transfer, you’ll see a “Transfer” option when you view your tickets under “Your events.”

No – AXS Mobile ID tickets include a mechanism that ensures the tickets cannot be copied or screenshot, as part of this, the barcode changes within the AXS app every few seconds.

Instead, you can Transfer tickets to your friend’s AXS account so they can access their own AXS Mobile ID and enter the event.

You can recall transferred tickets as long as the tickets have not been claimed. The "Recall Tickets" button will display when tickets have not been claimed.

If tickets were transferred to a valid email associated with an existing AXS account, the tickets will automatically be claimed.

Still Need Help?

AXS is committed to giving fans a great experience when it comes to ticketing for live events. If you need additional assistance, please visit our support center for help via live chat.

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