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Constantly embracing polarity, mixing and matching sounds and visuals to create something new and unique – LION BABE are the New York duo formed of singer/songwriter and performance artist Jillian Hervey and instrumentalist and producer Lucas Goodman.

The pair met at the end of their college experiences. Jillian was in the beginnings of her professional dance career while Lucas was focused on producing artists/bands and his own personal project under the name Astro Raw. Their decision to collaborate on music was purely based on curiosity and chance. After the organic creation of the sultry, electronic soul track ‘Treat Me Like Fire’, they decided to give the song a home and create LION BABE.

LION BABE draw on an eclectic mix of influences for their sonic and stunning visuals, which mirror the rich melting pot of cultures that New York offers. Citing the likes of A Tribe Called Quest and Sergeant Pepper-era Beatles as having a major impact on them both in their formative years, they identify with a generation brought up on the internet, with references from film and music of all genres, places and eras being just a click away.

Their debut LION BABE EP, is led by their single ‘Jump Hi’ which includes a mesmerising Nina Simone sample, written by Jillian, produced by Lucas and featuring hip-hop artist Childish Gambino. The EP is a sublime collection of tracks which showcase the band’s ethos for fearlessly reworking and reinventing the familiar, combining it with their love of fantasy and the surreal, to make their own unique pieces of art; a new kind of soul. Also featuring ‘Treat Me Like Fire’, the EP is set for a December 15th release on Outsiders Recorded Music (Universal Music).

Taking the same approach to their collaborations, the band have worked with the likes of childhood hero and Grammy Award winning artist and producer Pharrell Williams, and prolific producers/musicians Jeff Bhasker, Andrew Wyatt and Al Shux – aiming to inspire their generation to take risks and not follow moulds, promoting individuality, uniqueness and change.


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