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Cayucas Dates
Fri Dec 8, 2023 - 8:00 PM
El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

Cayucas Biography

"A return to musical roots is a time-honored tradition for many established artists who have endured for the better part of a decade. Forming and shaping an identity can take an album or two, and perpetuating forward motion while perfecting a sound can take another. Sometimes a
swerve gets thrown in, an unseen obstacle sets itself in the middle of a path, or an experiment or two get eked out for one reason or another. But oftentimes by this point in a career an itch pops up to circle back to where it all began in order to do what the artist does best. And so, for their
fourth album as Cayucas, brothers Zach and Ben Yudin are heading back to the beach—in other words, to the sunny, vibrant, melodic rock from which they first paddled out."
“Topo Ride The Wave is a bright, brisk new song from the Santa Monica natives whose campaign to be L.A.’s unofficial Band of Summer dates back a decade and whose catalog supports the notion that their music should soundtrack every beach bash.”
"There's something endearing about Cayucas' mellowed-out reflections on Blue Summer, an album that's as light, warm, and fleeting as a sunbeam and should be appreciated in the same way.” 
–All Music
"Infectious pop”  
– Heart Eyes Mag
“It's Friday -- what a great tune to bounce off into the weekend.” 
– Baeble Music (on Jessica WJ)

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