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Kula Shaker
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Kula Shaker Biography

Kula Shaker are best known for the 1996 multi platinum 'K', which became one of the fastest selling UK debuts ever. After a six-year absence Kula returned with the brilliant album 'Strangefolk' in 2007. Produced in collaboration with an all-star team of hit makers & Grammy winners, including Tchad Blake (Peter Gabriel, Crowded House), Sam Williams (Supergrass) and Chris Sheldon (The Foo Fighters, The Pixies), 'Strangefolk' consists of 13 songs that hurled themselves through the looking glass and down the rabbit hole, echoing with voices of protest and imagination. It's been 10 years since Kula Shaker first dropped in on the British music scene. In hindsight, it's probably to their credit that Kula Shaker didn't fit in with the 90s lad-pack. They didn't go in for 'lad culture'. No, it was the dawn of the new Millennium, and Kula Shaker had risen early for some kind of psychedelic breakfast with Krishna and George Harrison. The band's love of classic rock, and their devotion to full blown mysticism, encapsulated in the Top-5 single 'Tattva' (a Sanskrit aphorism meaning 'the inconceivable oneness & difference of reality'), won them ardent fans and enemies in equal measure, but their brilliant live performances earned them an unquestioned reputation as one of Britain's most exciting bands and a musical force to be reckoned with. After years of silence, and a lot of water under the creaky old bridge, Kula Shaker is once more alive and kicking. 
In 2006 the band reformed and created their own label in preparation for 'Strangefolk'. "We were inspired to make another album. The time was right,” muses Mills, "It's a time for musical independence, the power is going back to the artists. It's up to each of us what we make of the opportunity." ‘Strangefolk’ featured the original line up, (Crispian Mills, vocals/gtr, Alonza Bevan, Bass, and Paul Winter Hart, drums) with the addition of Harry Broadbent taking over on Hammond organ. 
The band released their fourth album, Pilgrims Progress to critical acclaim in June 2010 but the Kula Shaker story won't end there...Expect more tours, tracks and trouble soon..

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