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Sucré Biography

Darren first heard Stacy singing from a CD that a friend gave him. The lyrics said "Dear did you know that people love each other just like we do”.

Stacy had already signed to Warner Brothers Records (at the age of 14), released two EPs, and toured the world (opening for Coldplay) in her family band Eisley. Darren was working at a Macaroni Grill in Mandeville, Louisiana and staying up late every night composing and recording electronic music that would become the foundation of the his own band Mutemath. As fate would have it, Eisley and Mutemath would cross paths repeatedly, sometimes playing the same festival, sometimes playing different rooms of the same venue on the same day. Darren, instantly smitten with Stacy and not lacking in confidence tried his best to impress her and get acquainted with her, but to no avail. Her thwarting of his interest combined with her beauty and talent only made Darren more determined to get to know her. She liked him too, but was too timid at the time to admit it. Eventually Darren convinced Stacy to let him produce a song of one of her demos for free, a thinly veiled excuse for him to have a reason to email and call her more often. Though the song was never released, Darren's plan worked and they began talking on the phone with increasing frequency. Eventually Darren moved to Tyler, TX to be close to Stacy. Two years later they were married and two years after that their first of two gorgeous daughters were born.

As Sucré they have released one full length album, A Minor Bird (co-produced by Jeremy Larson) and two EPs. They are currently putting the finishing touches on their 2nd full length record. Now living in Nashville, TN, Stacy and Darren along with violin virtuoso David Gerald Sutton strike a sweet balance between bombastic beats and beautiful melodies. Their live show is one you would not want to miss.


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