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MC5 Biography

The MC5's sonic thunder continues to reverberate a half-century after they first stormed the rock world with 1969’s Kick Out the Jams, the galvanizing live document that introduced a major voice of late '60s counterculture and proved incomparably influential on metal, punk, stoner rock and almost every other form of loud, boundary pushing music that would follow. The original MC5 line up recorded two more albums before imploding: 1970's Back in the USA, produced by rock critic (and future Bruce Springsteen manager) Jon Landau, and their 1971 creative zenith, High Time. The last days of 1972 also marked the final performance of the original MC5 line-up, thereby ending a turbulent existence marked by drugs, acrimony, financial woes, police harassment by both Nixon and Hoover, the FBI, and lots of uncompromising, unequaled rock-and-roll fury. 
Iggy Pop has said the MC5 belong in the Rock Hall “for their contributions to American music and its politics… They were hugely charismatic and influential. Their beliefs and approach had to do with things much larger than music and these things are coming to light more and more today on the world revolutionary stage. There is no band that I know of as dangerous as the MC5.” True then and still true today.

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