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Jacob Shea has spent his career focused on the interchange of technology, marketing, and business. Coming from a software architecture background, he has played leadership roles in technology and marketing advisory roles for a variety of companies from digital agencies to startup businesses to some of the largest global brands. He currently is an advisor and consultant to brands and early growth-stage companies, as a Partner at Structure Capital venture fund.

With 25 years of software architecture and product development, and 20 years of managing teams, Jacob understands what it truly takes to create, deploy and maintain solutions using technology.

Jacob was previously EVP of Technology and General Manager for JHG (Acquired by GA Communication Group) Digital Agency, where he led Development ninjas, Creative wizards, Analytic dorks, and Producer bosses, which drove integrated marketing, eCommerce, and technology development for their brands. He co-founded the agency in 2006 which sold in 2010, while previously coming from Dell Computers, where he served as a programmer, program analyst, and a technology and product advisor for 10 years.

Jacob held / holds technology, product, management and consulting positions at companies including Dell Computers, FanVision, Qualcomm, NFL, and Pixar. 

Today he advises brands and startups on Digital strategy, marketing, execution and software architecture, with his extended network of partners and agencies, he’s able to reach out to the best resources to get the job done, thus putting the best "Digital Boss" within a company, and find paths for success.

Specialties: Software Architecture, Strategic Planning, Brand Strategy & Positioning, Integrated Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Product Marketing, Digital Strategy, Media Planning, Product Design, Usability, Startup Growth, Venture Funding.

—Jacob Shea, Linkedin

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