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We Three make a storming return with new single 3 A.M, a seductive, funk-laced, rebellious pop banger all about throwing caution to the wind. The lead track from the US sibling trio's forthcoming third album – a record that will be launched at the renowned Paisley Park in Minneapolis early next year – marries a prowling bass-line, slick funk guitar, undeniable hooks and lead singer Manny Humlie's teasing vocals to create a head-spinning pop concoction. The single builds on the band's success following last year's second album, the emotionally honest Dear Paranoia, Sincerely Me, which featured the TikTok viral smash Half Hearted, and August's sold-out London show.

The new single's themes of reaching the point of no return and surrendering to the night are showcased in the neon-lit video, in which a vest-sporting, heavily tattooed Manny looks for the afterparty in a late-night diner.

 “The song was inspired by a Friday night being like 'don't do this, this is not a smart decision, you need to keep your cool and not make any bad decisions',” says Manny, who, along with his siblings Bethany Blanchard (bass) and Joshua Humlie (keys and drums), has been making music since he was a child. “As we all know alcohol can make you make bad decisions and then you get to a certain point and you're like 'screw it'. There's no going back at that point. But there's no judgement in the song either. If you were just goofy and having a good time and made a few bad decisions I will never judge you in the morning. Unless you're a total asshole.”

The band knew the video needed to reflect the song's reckless spirit, which might explain the flirtations with the law while filming. “It was a really fun video to make,” says Manny. “We rented out this diner so it felt like we were in a movie. I was also driving a car while the videographer was filming in the passenger seat and we were dodging cops who were trying to shut it down. It was the last shot, it was getting late, and we weren't sure if we had permission so there were a couple of times where he had to duck down and hide because there was a cop nearby.”

We Three were formed in Oregon and grew from the local music scene to household names in America after an appearance on America's Got Talent. Keen to sidestep the normal 'covers band' TV talent show route, they auditioned with an original song, the heartfelt ballad Heaven's Not Too Far, and never looked back.


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