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Moses Campbell
Moses Campbell Dates

Sorry, there are no Moses Campbell dates.

Moses Campbell Biography

Moses Campbell is a band. With their unconventional instrumentation, surprisingly young members, and emotionally intense live performances, Moses Campbell has sparked the attention of many people in the L.A. community and developed a dedicated following. The project was started in 2006 by Sean Solomon and Pascal Stevenson while they were still in high school. The band version of the project eventually formed but didn’t actively perform until 2008. Although the band has an occasionally shifting line-up, it is now a group effort with Sean Solomon, Pascal Stevenson, Miles Wintner, Pauline Lay and Andrew Mackelvie. With the help of LA’s biggest DIY-run, community-oriented, art and music space, the Smell and owner Jim Smith, the band was able to put out their highly anticipated first album in 2010. Their full-length, “Who Are You? Who Is Anyone?”, is released on olFactory Records, Static Aktion and their own record label, No Girls Allowed Records.


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