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Prayers Biography

PRAYERS (defined as a solemn request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God or an object of worship) is Leafar Seyer. The Mexican-born, San Diego-raised artist combines the frosty abrasiveness of acts such as Skinny Puppy and Christian Death with the more accessible sounds of Depeche Mode and Pet Shop Boys. Seyer’s lyrics, based in his own life, layer his authentic urban experience onto goth music: Cholo Goth.

Seyer’s first independently released albums, SD Killwave and Gothic Summer garnered Seyer awards for Best Music Video and Best Music Video Editing at the San Diego Film Festival in 2015 and Best Alternative Band at the 2015 San Diego Music Awards.

Seyer’s uncompromising vision drew the attention of The Cult’s Ian Astbury and celebrity drummer Travis Barker. Astbury added Seyer to The Cult’s 2015 tour. Barker produced Seyer’s third album, Young Gods, featuring Travis Barker, Skinhead Rob, DJ Klever, and Dave Parley.

Seyer’s musical universe expanded further with two BMG-released albums. Baptism of Thieves featured Ray Brady, Christian Death, Dave Parley, and Kat Von D joining Seyer; and the Christian Death collaboration, Cursed Be Thy Blessing, accompanied by the documentary, Beyond and Back.

Cholo Goth, produced by Ray Brady was released 2/2/22. Featuring Seyer’s solo work as well as collaborations with Ray Brady, Annie Hardy, and Robert Harvey, Cholo Goth continues Seyer’s musical and lyrical self-exploration as an outcast trapped between worlds. Cholo Goth debuted at #1 on the electronic charts.

In 2022, following the release of Cholo Goth and alongside numerous US sellout performances, Seyer’s ventured into Mexico for the first time as a solo artist, after resolving longstanding legal and immigration troubles, and went on to sell out shows across the country without support.

2023 promises to be the year of Cholo Goth and Seyer’s most exciting year yet, with numerous performances across the world and new releases on the way.


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