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Jeremy Gloff
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Jeremy Gloff Biography

Jeremy was born in New York on January 8, 1975. He currently lives in Tampa, FL.

Jeremy began his performance career in Fredonia, New York from 1993 to 1999, during which time he essentially self-produced a handful of cathartic "indie" pop/rock albums, which for the most part have followed a consistent formula involving gay relationships, alienation within the "gay community", along with fairly candid (and often dark) stories related to coming of age and coping with social and sexual identity in the gay and lesbian community.

Early songs, including "Straight Femme" (from 1995's "Heavy Machinery") had lyrics such as: "It’s an ugly paradox when he’s on top of Goldilocks. Well I’m not the only one who thinks he swings both ways."

1999's "Green Arrow" was about obsessive-compulsive disorder: "Its 2:00... at 2:03. If the floor's wet you'll die lonely, Ten hang-ups on his machine, The sickness of a routine."

"Leaving" (from 1996's Midnight Blooming) offered clues to a transitional period for Gloff, both in his personal life and in his music. He would ultimately leave New York and re-emerge in Tampa, FL in 2000 with the release of "Spin Girl Spin":

"It is obvious Gloff is doing his damnest [sic] to shake himself from the ghosts of his past. The tuneful quirkiness of his home-recorded releases is replaced with an almost anonymous indie-rock sound.... But despite the transitional nature of this album, many of the songs are dark and haunting. It's easy to get lost in the gorgeous wonder of "Infrawhite" or to feel the rage in "Johnny". You can hear a very disturbed person in these minor chord mini epics."

—Jeremy Gloff, Wikipedia Page


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