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Metalocalypse Dates

Sorry, there are no Metalocalypse dates.

Metalocalypse Biography

Dethklok is the world’s most popular band. So popular that fans will sign “pain waivers” in case anything truly horrible happens to them at a show, which invariably occurs. The band members are also incredibly selfish and stupid, and they create a wave of mayhem, death and destruction wherever they go. Simply put, Dethklok is the most powerful cultural force in the world, which means that they have attracted the keen interest of a shadowy group of world leaders. But the band remains completely oblivious to anything that happens outside their rock and roll bubble.

Burdened with the stupidity that comes along with being major stars, they manage to cause more death, destruction and scandal than any other celebrity in recorded history. However, they manage to walk away legally unscathed on every occasion because they have a “really good lawyer.” Consider the countless publicity stunts gone awry, such as somehow causing the moon to be pulled from its rotational alignment. Or the brief collaboration with the London Philharmonic that ended, accidentally, in the slaughter of the entire orchestra. Or taking on the task of simply making their “own dinner."

The Band

Nathan Explosion – Vocalist (voiced by Brendon Small). The lyrical visionary of Dethklok.

Skwisgaar Skwigelf – Guitar (voiced by Brendon Small). From Sweden. Fastest guitarist alive.

Toki Wartooth – Guitar (voiced by Tommy Blacha). From Norway. Second-fastest guitarist alive.

William Murderface – Bass (voiced by Tommy Blacha). No one in the world is full of more hatred than him. And he hates no one more than he hates himself.

Pickles – Drummer (voiced by Brendon Small). Raised in the Midwest, he became the world’s most celebrated drummer after fronting L.A. rock band Snakes and Barrels.


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