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Bad Romance
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Bad Romance Biography

The Bad Romance Show is made up of an amazing light show, choreography that kept you mesmerized, a hard hitting band, superb acting, and an incredible vocalist. Bad Romance performed the one year anniversary show at the Copernicus Theater in Chicago on April 27. The Bad Romance Show is a national touring live concert musical production that pays tribute to the music of Lady Gaga.

The story is based on a struggling performer named "Gia" played by Sari Greenberg trying to make it in this difficult business and life. Family, friends, and lover force her to quit, but she keeps on singing. This story has a positive message on never giving up. Greenberg's performance was out of this world.

Fans immediately rushed to the front of the stage as it became a full out dance marathon forcing security to escort them back to their seats. The band was dead on with all the songs but added their own flare. Attendees do not need to be Gaga fans. This was Lady Gaga with a little hard rock versus dance music. There is no current show out there like this. The dancers provided an entertainment of great moves and acrobats throughout the whole show. There was never a dull moment.

"I do not know what to say, this is the best show I have ever been to," says Jodie Simmons from Chicago.

"This is my second time seeing the show. It keeps getting better and better. Gia was simply magnificent. She showed us what power a woman really has," says Andrea Treloli from Milwaukee.

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