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For decades, "hardcore" and "post-hardcore" have become synonymous with dogma. For a scene that prides itself on protesting society's perceived ills (e.g. racism, vice, commercialism), it ironically embodies another of humanities least desirable traits: exclusivity. So it's quite refreshing when a band emerges from such a scene singing the tune of open-mindedness and inclusivity and living a life that embraces both. "It's important to us, as artists not to limit ourselves or our audience" states guitarist and founding member Brandon Davis. "Inspiration can be found where you'd least expect it."

Formed in 2008, when Davis left his band Vanna, the lineup that would become LIONS LIONS began to take shape. Fueled by a desire to create music of a different style, Davis reached out to a number of like-minded friends and artists and found that within this intimate circle - Jon Kay on bass, Isaac Vigil on guitar and Danny Poulin on vocals - he had found his band. LIONS LIONS had the good fortune of playing a sold-out bill for their first show and have rarely looked back, self-releasing their "Direction" EP and hitting the road for a slate of local and regional shows. Catching the eye of indie Panic Records, LIONS LIONS released From What We Believe in 2010 and took to the road the following year, touring the East Coast and then embarking on a full US tour. While in Reno, they met a guy named Joshua Herzer who would prove invaluable; when the band's original singer Danny Poulin departed, Herzer tried out for the position and became a part of the pride.


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