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Cosmonauts Biography

Cosmonauts came into being in 2009 in outer space or Orange County, depending onthe way you like to look at things. The band was originally formed by Derek Cowartand Alexander Ahmadi after he heard Cowart play a Spaceman3 song solo at a show itheir home town of Fullerton, CA. The two were students at different high schools butas it turned out, of the same musical school of thought: two lovers of lo-fi, adorers ofthe atmospheric, kindred pop-loving spirits. The two bonded over theVelvet Underground and Brian Jonestown Massacre, and quickly turned their mutualappreciation club into a band. Cosmonauts have been making music ever since,picking up bassist James Sanderson and a host of different drummers along the way(the spot is currently filled by Mark Morones). Now residing in Los Angeles, they’ve put out a number of releases (including three full length albums) through Burger Records and various other labels.

They’ve toured extensively through the US and Europe, and played alongside BrianJonestown Massacre, The Pixies, Slowdive, Black Lips, Belle & Sebastian, and more,though Cosmonauts don’t exactly fit neatly into the fabric of their scene: toopsychedelic to be punk, too punk to be psychedelic, and too absorbed in making theirown brand of music to care.Their latest offering, A-OK!, is out August 19th via Burger Records.


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