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Itchy-O Dates

Sorry, there are no Itchy-O dates.

Itchy-O Biography

With a driving drum corps battery, taiko drummers and an arsenal of electronics, including synthesizers, theremin, vocoders and other custom-made sonic devices, 57-member itchy-O completely engulfs an audience from every angle in an electric bog of music, ephemera, and spectacle.
 Lauded as one of today’s most unique musical performance experiences, the group disrupts traditional performance protocols with a form of chaos that unifies spectators and audiences. Itchy-O performances awaken the senses, test assumptions, and create an opening for new experiences where identity and boundaries surrender and disband.
 They have performed with David Byrne & St. Vincent’s band, shared the stage with experimental legends DEVO, and anchored the world-renowned Dark Mofo Festival in Tasmania.
 Other performances include opening for Beats Antique, Melvins, and headlining Austin-based Fantastic Fest three years in a row.


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