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Poison The Well
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Poison The Well Biography

"The sun is only out for about five hours a day and even when it is up, it's so overcast here you can't tell its daylight." Guitarist Ryan Primack speaks from the octagon shaped barn that serves as the band's recording studio located outside of Umea Sweden. Far from their native sunny climes of Ft. Lauderdale/Miami Florida, the trio of Primack, Chris Hornbrook (drums) and Jeffrey Moreira (vocals) have once again been working with the production team of Pelle Henricsson and Eskil Lovstro who recorded 2003's full-length You Come Before You. Poison The Well who formed in 1998 has sold over 300,000 albums in the U.S. and became the standard-bearers for loud music whose fury was matched by its display of emotion and that incorporated technical guitar and metallic bursts throughout. With their debut full-length The Opposite Of December (1999), the band spawned a legion of imitators but none who could match the intensity that weaved throughout the songs. The band has comfortably straddled tours with melodic emo acts, noisy punk group to brash hardcore and full out metal gods. A partial list of road partners over the past few years include Deftones, Thrice, Cursive, The International Noise Conspiracy, Killswitch Engage, The Promise Ring, Cult Of Luna, Thursday, Hatebreed, Glassjaw as well as featured slots on The Warped Tour and The Take Action Tour.

The forthcoming album to be titled Versions was written over the past year and Primack describes it as having many more colors and nuances than previous work. "The songs are pretty open ended and there's a lot of unique instrumentation in the background throughout such as Mandolins, slide guitar, horns and banjo." Primack who plays all of the unexpected instruments on the disc adds "this is not out of the blue, we actually started to add these elements to the last album but we didn't have time to flesh them out like with Versions. It's going to be a really different sounding album in hardcore, well as different as you can be in hardcore nowadays." While Moreira's lyrics reach many, he prefers not to reveal too much about his interpretation of them. Primack comments "Jeff (Moreira) prefers that people find their own meaning to his words. If you ask him what do these words mean, he'd be more interested in finding out what do they mean to you?" The album to be released spring of 2007 also marks the band's first record for Ferret Music, who eagerly signed them after parting ways with Atlantic Records in summer 2006. While in-between label situations, Poison The Well was direct support to Shadows Fall on this summer's STRHESS TOUR and completed a national headlining tour with support from Horse The Band, The Fall Of Troy and Criteria. Poison The Well have been regarded as a The band plans to tour relentlessly around the release of Versions next spring.

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