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Paulina Rubio
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Paulina Rubio Biography

Paulina Rubio is symbol of power, of change: A vibrant and unpredictable woman. She's a hurricane of energy and sensuality. Authentic in all she sets her mind to. Her style and her music have been conjugated during the last two decades to seduce and connect with every type of audience.


In 2000, Paulina arrived with her self-titled album "Paulina". This album would make her known as one of the most international successful artists in Latin music and as Queen of Latin Pop by selling more then three million copies worldwide. These extraordinary sales gave her: Three platinum albums and one diamond in Mexico, double gold and platinum albums in USA, Gold and Platinum albums in Colombia, Platinum album in Chile, and gold in Peru, Ecuador, and Venezuela. Paulina also captivated the public from Italy and Spain, where she received double golden album and awards from "Premios Onda" and "Amigo" for Best Female Artist of the Year 2001.


Her next production was no exception. "Pau-Latina" brought us a 'chameleon-like' and evolving artist. "Pau-Latina" brought other great successful songs that also rose to the top of the charts consecrating her as the most successful female artist in Latin America in 2004. By way of songs like: "Te Quise Tanto", "Algo Tienes", "Dame Otro Tequila", and "Mia", Paulina placed herself as the favorite, obtaining numerous nominations and marked awards in: Premios Juventud, Premios de la Gente, Premios Tu Musica, Premio Lo Nuestro and the Latin Music Billboard Awards without saying she was the only woman nominated for Latin Pop Album of the Year at the 47th Annual Grammy Awards.


The adventures of this major artist concluded in 2005 with her intense "Pau-Latina" tour from Mexico, to Central and South America, and finally with 24 tour dates from coast to coast in USA.


"I grew up doing concerts and I am going to die singing as well." Paulina affirms. "It is a feeling stronger then me, the motor where I recharge my adrenaline. But truth is, the best is yet to come. I do not feel tired for anything. On the contrary, I have only but desire to go out and present my new proposals. Ananda, my new album, is like a biography and it exposes me perfectly", she admits.


"Ananda", the newest album, is now in stores. Paulina has been involved in each and everyone of its stages, creating, composing, sharing ideas and propositions, surrounded by friends who have shared with her their talent and energy to make this one of the best albums in Paulina Rubio's career.

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