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14 years is forever in the hip-hop life cycle. Few hip-hop artist take claim to over a decade of consistency under their resume. Even fewer can claim to have been able to contribute classic material within that time span.


Blood Money marks the 7th release by Mobb Deep. This doesn't include solo efforts like Prodigy's critically acclaimed solo effort, H.N.I.C, in 2002 or their made-for-the-streets mix-tape album. It does however signal a new chapter in Havoc and Prodigy's rise from New York City mainstays to international rap delegates.


Hip-Hop music has been good to Mobb Deep since both, Havoc and Prodigy, first met at New York City's Arts and Graphics High School in Manhattan. Influenced by the golden era sounds of Run DMC, Rakim and The Juice Crew, Havoc and Prodigy put pen to pad under the name the Poetical Profits, but soon changed their name to reflect their reputation on the streets. Rolling deep with a mob of trouble makers, the duos style of music reflected the harsh climate that was New York City in the early late 80s/early 90s and Mobb Deep was born.


Going into the Y2K and beyond, Mobb Deep continued to release music that became the soundtrack to the streets on a worldwide scale. Albums like 2002s, Infamy, and 2004s Amerikaz Nightmare solidified Mobb Deeps stature as A-list hip hop product.Throughout the years, Mobb Deeps music continues to influence many of todays acts with their brutal depiction of street life and backdrops that paint the picture for the dark and sinister state of mind that comes with inner city life. One of those undoubtedly influenced by the Mobb sound is Queens resident, 50 Cent. After fulfilling commitments to their previous label, the Mobb became free agents in 2004. The first call came from 50 Cent himself and within days, the most significant sound in 50s style of music is now signed to G-Unit Records.


With a loyal fan base already in place, the Mobb is looking to upgrade their audience with the association of G-Unit, one of the most powerful brands in hip hop today. We made a mark in the game. As an artist, you want to be able to reach the furthest audience as you can. We put in hard work on our previous albums and still hit our core fan base. The difference this time around is that more people will hear this product this time.


Blood Money will solidify Mobb Deeps stature as hip-hop musics premier duo.

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