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Singer Robin Wilson recently encountered a friend who had heard the new Gin Blossoms' single, "Learning the Hard Way," on the radio. At first, the friend was aghast. "I thought, 'Who the hell has the audacity to sound this much like the Gin Blossoms?" he told Wilson.

Indeed, the Gin Blossoms' inventive, instantly appealing smart pop has proven so influential that Wilson's friend can be forgiven for initially thinking that the song might be by one of the band's many imitators. He might also be forgiven for not realizing that after a difficult breakup, a stirring reunion and a few years of playing live shows together, the Gin Blossoms had completed Major Lodge Victory, a new album in stores August 8, that is both long-awaited and well worth the wait. Accept no substitutes: the Gin Blossoms are back.

Successful tour dates demonstrated that the many fans who cherished New Miserable Experience (which has sold more than four million copies in the U.S.) and Congratulations…I'm Sorry (which has sold more than one million) were still eager to hear more from the band. So were their younger brothers and sisters. "I didn't even know if we could get back together," Leen says. "I didn't know we'd have a fan base. I think it helped that our songs never left the radio."

The fact is that very little on Major Lodge Victory will surprise fans, except in the way that great pop music always surprises listeners - by taking familiar elements and making them sound thrillingly new. "I felt it was important to stick to what we do best," says Johnson. "We've changed, obviously. We're a bit older. In the past, we were young and naïve, and, instead of dealing with our problems, we made the classic stupid move and broke up."

"Now we don't take it for granted," he continues. "I'm very proud of the Gin Blossoms and our sound and our style of rock & roll. I'm excited about bringing that to the world again."

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