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Scratch Acid
Scratch Acid Dates

Sorry, there are no Scratch Acid dates.

Scratch Acid Biography

Formed in 1982, Scratch Acid's eventual permanent lineup consisted of David Yow on vocals, Brett Bradford on guitar, David Wm Sims on bass, and Rey Washam (also of theBig Boys) on drums. The band's self-titled debut EP and subsequent album Just Keep Eating were released on Austin label Rabid Cat Records, before the band moved to Touch and Go Records for the band's scathing Berserker EP in 1987. The band broke up after the long tour that followed that release. David and Rey joined up briefly with Steve Albini in Rapeman. After Rapeman broke up, the two Davids formed The Jesus Lizard, while Rey Washam's other projects included Ministry and Helio Creed. In 1991, Touch and Go released The Greatest Gift, which collected all of Scratch Acids recorded output.


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