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They are your son's heroes and your father's strong armed surrender. The twinkle in your daughter's eyes and the wight knuckles beneath your wife's satin gloved hand. They stole the professor's books, the gutter's good looks, and now they want your kids. Cultured on punk's brashness, metal's brutality, and confidence born in the cracks of Ingelwood's side walks. Here you have it- LETLIVE. Four years after their sophmore release, the expansive and raucous Speak Like You Talk, LETLIVE. has suffered the growing pains that is the burden of any artist. Having to accept the reality that the life of the musician is only becoming harder to realize let alone manage. That there will be no Ivy league M.B.A. to fall back on. The gap on the resume won't be easily explained away. It is all glory for the chosen few whose pedigree ensures the successes of top 40 radio darlings. After four years and many a lineup change the band has coalesed into a few young men well aware of the crap shoot that is the modern music industry. While media moguls and their minions are scrambling for swill, like pigs at a trough, frenzied for one last taste of the fiscal glory they've enjoyed by hocking cardboard and paper mache' to the lowest common denominator...Letlive are betting on themselves, and they are all in, with far from nothing to lose.

Lands will be laid waste if Letlive's hunger is not satisfied for the God's of good music demand it; sacrements of swagger, sacrifice of the masses. With the blessings of former tour mates, Bleeding Through, LETLIVE. will be bringing the blood and sweat of their violently cathartic live show to the studio this summer, bracing for a winter release that is sure to serve as a true testament to something much greater than a "good album". These men exhibit a potential the arts have been desperately pining for for far too long. This is the assurance of change, the tipping point of a revolution.



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