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B'z Biography

Tak Matsumoto, Grammy award winning guitarist, and vocalist Koshi Inaba made their debut as B'z September 1988. They decided to keep it a two man unit, to be the most minimal and most efficient form of a band. All music is written by Tak, All lyrics are written by Koshi.

By taking advantage of being a band with only guitar and vocals, their music style is very versatile and free. Influenced by and combining different types of music, they create their own unique sound, always something new. They have released 48 singles and 17 albums so far, continually breaking their ownrecord of consecutively being at the top of the national Oricon Single Chart for the first week, 44 singles so far. In addition to that, they have many other titles including bestof albums and 5 mini albums. B'z has sold 80 million units in Japan alone, not surprisingly making them the best-selling artist in Japan's history.

Besides being a great song writer and the producer of B'z, Tak Matsumoto is one of the most renowned guitarists in all of Asia. An acclaimed six-string virtuoso, Tak has joined such hallowed company as axe legends Jimmy Page, Joe Perry, KISS's Ace Frehley and Slash to become the fifth guitarist in the world to have his own Gibson U.S.A. signature model, the "Tak Matsumoto Les Paul". In addition, Tak has his own original model, the "Tak Matsumoto Double Cutaway", and has already released 7 models so far.

In 1998, for their 10th anniversary, B'z released their first official best of album, B'z The Best "Pleasure".Every song included on this album was a huge hit. It was highly acclaimed and widely spoken about by the media. The second best of album, B'z The Best "Treasure", which consists of songs requested by their fans was released later that year. Two albums together, over 10 millions units are sold and B'z became a total phenomenon.

In 2001, they officially released their CDs in Taiwan and Hong Kong and had their first tour of Asia, which was very successful. The following year, when both Japan and Korea hosted the FIFA World Cup 2002, B'z Co-Headlined with Aerosmith on the stage of FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan Official Concert International Day at Tokyo Stadium. Later that year, a long time desire came true when their first US tour at live music clubs on the west coast took place, with shows in San Diego and Los Angeles. Theshow in Los Angeles was broadcast live over the internet throughout the world, total access to the site was more than 1.5 million.

In March 2003, they released a single called "ITS SHOW TIME!!" and re-released 10 single titles that were previously released as smaller format 8cm CDs (mini CD). As a result, B'z amazingly occupied 11 titles from No.1 to 12 on the Oricon Single Chart. It was talked about in the Chart Beat column in Billboard Magazine. They had their second US tour, B'z LIVE GYM 2003 BANZAI IN NORTH AMERICA, in seven cities including House of Blues Las Vegas, House of Blues Los Angeles and The Fillmore in SanFrancisco and were very well received at all venues.

Another notch in the belt came in 2007 when B'z was inducted to the Hollywood Rock Walk as the "First Asian Artist." Many Japanese reporters traveled to LA to capture the ceremony and the news became front-page news. 2008 would mark the Milestone 20th Year Anniversary for the Band. Celebrating in true B'z fashion...a behemoth 60 show tour commenced all throughout Japan, culminating in front of 140,000 screaming fans at the Yokohama Nissan Stadium over 2 days.

B'z had one of the busiest year for their anniversary. They released another 2 best of albums, and the first best of live collection DVD "B'z LIVE GYM Hidden Pleasure-Typhoon No. 20-" besides another live DVD and a single. Completing their 20th anniversary with great success, B'z has started their new chapter.

The first single in 2009 "Ichibu to Zenbu" topped the chart. The song was downloaded more than 2 million times, and awarded as the No. 1 single by Billboard JAPAN Hot 100 of the Year 2009. B'z also performed at one of the biggest summer festival in Japan "Summer Sonic 09". B'z released their 17th original album "Magic" in November after 2 years of waiting.

B'z opened 2010 with sold-out Japan tour including 4 days Tokyo Dome, filling with 500,000 people.They are always busy, constantly releasing CDs and touring all over Japan to see their fans. Still, each of them finds time to do their own solo projects as well. Koshi Inaba appeared as only Japanese vocalist on Slash's solo album among other talented vocalists in US. It has been 6 years since Koshi's last solo project, but his album "Hadou" debut No.1 on the chart and the solo tour enfevered 150,000 people all over Japan. Tak's solo project was collaboration with the great master guitarist Larry Carlton.

The album "Take Your Pick" was released in June worldwide and Tak and Larry had Japan tour and Asian tour including Taiwan and Hong Kong.The album has unique blend of West and East guitar sound, and awarded Best Pop Instrumental Album on the 53rd Grammy Awards in Feb, 2011. To help recovering their own country from catastrophe caused by earthquake and tsunami in March, B'z joined "Download to Donate" compilation album among renowned artists such as Linkin Park, Slash, R.E.M., and Hoobastank .

B'z keep recording to express their enthusiasm for music. Playing with many different musicians and doing solo projects keeps their music fresh and inspired. That is why B'z continue to be a top artist after so many years and are continually creating something new.


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