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MiMOSA Biography

Tigran Mimosa; young enthusiastic voice of a generation of youth raised on loud music raves and Grime. Born in Armenia and brought to Los Angeles at three he was thrown into a hard battle of being a fatherless immigrant street kid. At seventeen, MiMOSA stepped into what was a large, odd underground scene called San Francisco. The legendary city of pioneers and innovators had a quick yet sudden transformational effect, thus MIMOSA was born.
Working with a wide palette of sounds, he stamped his beloved 808 kick and rolled with it. Doing and being everything young and new he caught the ear of the ultimately eclectic Muti Music label. A prolific four EPs and an album between 2008 and 2010 earned him accolades as a live performer, chalking up early triumphs at the Lightning In A Bottle Festival, Red Rocks and the Do Lab Village at Coachella.
In 2011, MiMOSA set up his own label, False Idol Musik to release his second album, Sanctuary. His live gigs also traveled east during those same years, attracting thousands of fans and proving West Coast underground could not only resonate but was a party staple across the country.
In 2013, MiMOSA came hard branding a revolution via a free album, simply called “Future Trill Vol. 1”. His next endeavor both bold and revolutionary in itself, ascended fully-loaded as “Volume 2”. A guest appearance by Houston rapper Bun B of UGK whom MiMOSA admits following and was determined to work with. Traveling to Texas with a suitcase full of cash and a hard drive full of tunes, the legendary underground rapper went to work. One of the songs became the single “Boss Shit,” just thirty minutes after the rap legend was privy to his beats.
Today, MiMOSA resides in Los Angeles, occupying a spacious former Buddhist temple equipped with ample studio set-up. Life’s journey from hood kid to future trill patron taught this 26 year old a good deal, yet, he’s only 26 and the revolution will not be televised.


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