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The Drowning Men
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The Drowning Men Biography

Were The Drowning Men from Oceanside, CA.A band without passion is a band without a soul. When you hear a band that truly possesses and plays with raw passion and soul, you dont just ingest the sounds into your ears, you feel it pulse through your veins, it burrows into your brain and vibrates your heart strings you dont just hear it, you feel it. When you hear The Drowning men, be it live, a disc, 7 inch, mix tape, whatever the fk you hear it onyou feel the passion.If you are unfamiliar with this band, you should demand to know more. To start, this band blends old-style revival rock (ala late 70s Bruce Springsteen And The E St. Band) with a modern indie-rock big sound, while adding touches of Irish folk, and even a dash of vintage Eastern European theatrics.To catch them live is a divine and mesmerizing experience, as the aforementioned passion for your musical experience comes into play. Sweat, swagger, and a true attention to detail make The Drowning Men a life changing live act. On disc, tightness, bravado, and an air of the dramatic come through your speakers and shoot straight to your heart.

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