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SHANNON FUNCHESS a.k.a LIGHT ASYLUM, 2TEARS : singer/ song writer, multinstrumentalist, and dj spanning a decade and a half! Is a pillar in her community and sings on a handful of Brooklyn's own TELEPATHE, TV ON THE RADIO, T.K. WEBB, BUNNY RABBIT AND THE CULT OF MIRACLES records. Featured vocalist on !!!(CHK,CHK,CHK)'s 2007 release, MYTH TAKES single, "HEART OF HEART'S". The newest of contributions being Telepathe's new, ground breaking, trend setting record 'Dance Mother' where you can hear her sweetening melodies intertwined with Busy Ganges and Melissa Livaudai's haunting verses on tracks like "Chromes on it" and "In Your Line" with the help of producer genius, David Sitek. Featured vocalist on "Bells" single, released in 2008 on Social Registry Recordings. Also making an appearance in Telepathe's music video for the single "So Fine" and "Sinister Militia" live performance (fingered). Shannon performed live in EU/US/AUS/NZ/SOUTH AMERICA as the 2nd vocalist in !!! (CHK,CHK,CHK) 2007-2008, including US festivals; Coachella, Lollapolooza, Bumbershoot, Bonaroo and Langarodo; EU fests, Leeds and Reeding, Summer Case festivals in Spain and Iceland's AirWaves festival to name just a few. Fronting the band along side Nic offer, singing lead vocals on several of !!!'s invigorating dance wonders after the sultry John Pugh left the band in 2006. Miss Funchess is currently recording and performing under the alias LIGHT ASYLUM and finishing up a year long, album project with TV ON THE RADIO'S Gerard Smith dubbing the band ROSE PARADE. LIGHT ASYLUM'S first single "Lights Out" produced by Gustavo Andrade is on GLU MAGAZINE'S No.1 compilation release, limited edition of 500 cd+poster art. Shannon can also be seen randomly, singing and playing percussion on stage with any number of her musical associates all over of the world if you so demand! Recently lending her vocal stylings to MY BEST FIEND on thier soon to be released "O.D.V.I.P." and "Jesus Crist". As well you can catch her collaborations with other great artist friends such as GLORIA MAXIMO's Yemen Wed III art video installation and sound scape and DEVENDRA BANHART's "Little Yellow Spider" music video as a shaman spirit in the center of the video shot in 2004. GRANT WORTH's "freeky" video for Tha Pumpsta in k48 magazine's 'prison' issue. BRUNO COVIELLO is the newest addition to Shannon's vision of the future and can also be heard sweetly singing and composing his solo materials at his BROTHER BRUNO myspace music page. Stay tuned! LIGHT ASYLUM IS THE NOW AND WILL ALWAYS BE.

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