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Sorry, there are no bugsy dates.

bugsy Biography

bugsy is a loud, fast and sad indie rock quartet based in Minneapolis, MN that blends . bugsy started off as a collection of acoustic demos written and home-recorded by front person Emily Schoonover. Once joined by their best friends (drummer Alex Norman, lead guitar player Griffen Desai and bassist/second vocalist Shannon Marroney), bugsy evolved into an explosion of Electrifying guitar tones, driving rhythms, boldly vulnerable lyrics, and weaving vocal harmonies. A conglomeration of sounds and emotions that shouldn't fit together but do.
Receiving fifth in the City Pages' 2020 "Best New Bands" merely a year after their conception as a full band, bugsy has continued to flourish amidst the tribulating circumstances thrown at them by COVID-19. bugsy released their debut EP, Teratoma, in February of 2020, with two follow-up singles in the following year, and are currently working on their debut full-length album

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