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DNM Biography

After a few years of being friends and creating their own respective projects, DeCarlo Jackson (of Hippo Campus), Nathnaél Fikru (Naél) and Moise Igeno (Moise), formed the band “DNM” (pronounced like denim) in Minneapolis, MN. The trio started playing with the idea of creating a band during one of their earliest jam sessions where the three would spend time riffing and coming up with fresh sounds with no intent to truly become a band. After accumulating a handful of voice memos and rough demos, the foundation of DNM was “stitched”.
Over the quarantine, they spent numerous hours working on finding their identity while also pushing each of them to expand on their current musical skill set. Taking inspiration from each of their own solo endeavors, the sound comes together by flowing synchronously between a well-balanced stack of vocal melodies, acoustic and electric guitar, and synth ambiance that calls back to the early recordings of Blood Orange, BrockHampton, and Triathalon to name a few. DNM’s first single “Shiny” is a melodic composition of experimental indie-pop with a touch of hyper pop hyper-pop production influence. The upbeat energetic rhythm of the song is infectious leaving listeners wanting more.

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