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After spending almost 7 years in corporate marketing and advertising, my life changed one day when I decided to put “turn off your curling iron” on my doormat so I wouldn’t burn my apartment down. I started selling them and named my business Be There in Five after my favorite thing to text when I’m running back inside to see if [said curling iron] is off.
The business took off, we sold thousands and thousands of doormats reminding people of things they forget about when running out the door, and about a year in, I left my corporate marketing job. Since then, I’ve ramped up, ramped down, pivoted, added/subtracted products, and worked hard to outsource a great deal of the process so I could focus on other creative projects while having the freedom of self-employment. 
So I wrote a #1 new release book about my love/hate relationship with social media (Twinkle, Twinkle, Social Media Star), started doing pop culture commentary that led to a pop culture/influencer focused podcast (Be There in Five Podcast) that charts weekly in its category. I like to pair my years of corporate market research experience with my self-employed levels of content consumption to create easily digestible breakdowns and analyses of pop culture events, deep dive style. We live in a fast news cycle, and pop culture stories easily vanish from their hyperbolic high-level time in the mainstream media’s spotlight. Be There in Five podcast is dedicated to finding the stories and experiences that lie within easily trivialized elements of the zeitgeist, not only to analyze and criticize for entertainment’s sake, but to celebrate these seemingly frivolous topics’ far more important role: allowing us to connect with and learn from each other. 
The best way to keep up with me, my current projects, and random pop culture commentary is on Instagram, @bethereinfive.

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