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The Heavy Biography

In Noid, a tiny hamlet situated to the south west of Bath, some of the most dangerous and ill sounding beats and riffs are being created by four wolf like personalities. The Heavy started out ripping and chopping beats from the likes of Bo Diddley, Little Walter and The Parliaments and fusing them with their now patented brand of high grade dirt. Guitar riffs that intoxicate, bass lines that reverberate around your head like a King Jammy dream and vocals that will challenge any of the genres they decide to take on.The Heavy continually cross genres as they as a unit are proud to be completely musically schizophrenic. From country to rhythm and blues, garage punk to rock and roll, Studio one to the slums of shaolin, you'll find that The Heavy are indeed like a pack of chemists with the way that genres get cooked up, blended, stirred and then mixed, to create their own unique style of rock and roll.The album Great Vengeance and Furious Fire released on Counter Records in late 2007 generated a great deal of interest with songs like That Kind Of Man, Girl, Set me free, Coleen and Dignity, firmly laying foundations for the house of dirt that they are building at present. There is no other band that sound as raw as The Sonics while holding soul in a headlock and frequently wrestling rock to the ground with the weight of Mr 808 as tag team partner. Listen, then try and tell me different.The first single to be released from the new album 'The House That Dirt Built' will be a garage punk/soul offering with so much weight that the likes of Bunker Hill and Syl Johnson will wonder why the two genres never came together more often. 'Oh no! Not you again!' is a testament to the evil and vices that we all surround ourselves with but don't necessarily want...or need.The track, recorded in one take in a dirty little shack, in a crazy little town, in the west country features vocals from Shingai Shoniwa of The Noisettes and Jim Abbiss on mix and co production duty. You will not experience another song like this from any other band this year. So dirty. So much weight. So much energy and laced with a soul that you just don't hear anymore...The Heavy have indeed created a monster.

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