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When it comes to who’s running the streets of Los Angeles on the rap tip, look no further than BlueBucksClan. The West Coast duo comprised of DJ and Jeeezy reign as the vigorous leaders of Los Angeles’ rap renaissance. They hold absolutely nothing back, spitting and freestyling braggadocious bars inspired by real-life experiences. The two stars in the making bonded from growing up together as kids. They went from going to high school together, to then playing football together on college scholarships. But it wasn’t until after college when the music came.

From the struggle to the come up, BBC gives hope to the rest of their city, South Los Angeles, that they too can rise above whatever obstacles arise in their environment. With each release, the guys bring infectious energy, and witty punchlines turning up and doing whatever it takes to turn their dreams into a reality. When it comes to their raps and hypnotic beat selection, BBC show no mercy… and fans can’t get enough!

Exploding onto the scene dripped out in designer, DJ and Jeeezy recently released their latest basketball themed single “Horace Grant” off their forthcoming mixtape Clan Virus 2. This comes in hot following their viral single “Todd Gurley” off their Clan Virus EP back in March of 2020—a tribute to their formative years playing football. Later that year in October, they gifted fans No Rules 2, 16 hard-hitting tracks with features from fellow LA natives RJ and Bino Rideaux.

Flaunt caught up with DJ and Jeeezy via Zoom, who were posted in Atlanta working. Read below as we discuss their roots in Los Angeles, love for Lil Wayne, life before music, their name, the grind, new mixtape on the horizon, favorite songs to perform, getting the co-sign from Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, and more!


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