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Lewis OfMan
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Lewis OfMan Dates
Fri Oct 14, 2022
Oslo Hackney, London, United Kingdom

Lewis OfMan Biography

With tints of youth and at the same time hints of 70’s Italian film soundtracks, Lewis OfMan's music creates a shivering atmosphere where melancholia meets elevation and joy. He started music as a drummer and then learnt the piano and guitar by himself. His songs, with sophisticated jazzy chords and polished up percussions, have the will to take his audience along in a shared emotionalism sphere. With his youthful features, Lewis steps forward as a precursor.

Fièrement auto-produit, Lewis OfMan s’inspire de bandes originales de films italiens des années 70. Ses mélodies témoignent d'un univers profond, enclin à la mélancolie, au frisson et à l’apaisement. Les compositions aux accords lunaires et aux percussions léchées de ce batteur de formation, transcrivent la volonté d’emmener son auditoire dans une sphère d’émotivité partagée. Tranchant avec ses traits juvéniles, Lewis s’avance en précurseur.

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