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Deep in south Texas there is an old Spanish term that has been around for ages called “Dale Shine.” Its literal translation means to “give it shine,” but in today’s slang style it simply means “give it gas” and/or “go for it.” Further up north, in Stephenville to be exact, hails a band so heavily mired in that credo that their stages are nearly overrun with fans pressed hard up against the edges, eyes wide, hanging on every word. In the Americanized version, they call themselves Dolly Shine, and their “hell bent for leather” performance attitude has reigned in music fans so fast over the last year that they have outgrown many a venue. Live music is king in this particular region of the US, and when Dolly Shine walks onto the stage, it is immediately clear to everyone in the room that they have come to play.

Dolly Shine broke out in 2010. Their first full length album Room To Breathe (2013) sounds like a first-time broken heart, heavy with mellow sentimentality and self-reflection. The first single “Spinning My Wheels” hit the Top 40 on the Texas Music Chart, and crowd favorite “Should Have Known” charted in the high 20’s. In 2014 came their 5-song EP All In showcasing old wounds scabbed over with a pinch of resolve. The two singles “Her Name Was Trouble” and “Dangerous Love” also made their way onto the chart. Over the years, wayward members have come and gone, and the lineup finally crystallized with Zack McGinn on lead vocals, Johnny Goodson on drums, Jerrod Flusche on lead guitar, and Dillon Sampson on bass, each adding to the evolving sound.


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