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FM-84 Dates

Sorry, there are no FM-84 dates.

FM-84 Biography

FM-84 is Scottish-born (San Francisco) - based songwriter and producer, Col Bennett. FM-84 is his love letter to the 80s. Music that captures his childhood love of synth-pop/rock, movies, and soundtracks. His debut album Atlas was crowned Album of the Year 2016 by NewRetroWave and has gone on to become a genre classic with legions of synth-pop fans.

Ollie Wride is a Brighton (UK)-based singer songwriter and long-time FM-84 collaborator. His mesmerizing vocal range and pop-focused songwriting have helped shape vocal fan favorites like ‘Running In The Night’ on Atlas. Ollie is an independent musician, songwriter and natural born performer. He’s currently working with Col on brand new FM-84 songs as well as developing his own solo project.


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