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Today's electronic dance culture is due for a melodic transcendence from the shadowy, industrial electro that has been hammering away at the scene. As dance floors begin to buckle under such weighty beats, the Belgium-based band aptly named Aeroplane is dedicated to elevating its fans toward a higher musical space undefined by standardized genres. They reach for freedom from constraints of predictability, weaving currents of psychedelic guitars, pop keys, disco beats, catchy bass lines and melancholic waves into a singular connection of modern beat-driven music. At the controls of Aeroplane are Stephen Fasano and Vito Deluca, a duo whose combined experience gives life and emotion to the music. Vito brings with him a producer background that pulsates the hands and heart of Aeroplane, and Stephen's DJ roots vibrate the eyes and soul. Their unique collaboration of sound and purpose is channelling appreciation from among the biggest DJs and producers around, and the 2007 release of their first 12" entitled "Caramellas/Aeroplane" (Eskimo Recordings) has generated a jet stream of increasing momentum. Subsequent releases have kept their ring tones looping with remix requests from artists like Cobra Dukes, Das Pop, Lindström, Cut Copy, Grace Jones, MGMT, Bloc Party, and Friendly Fires. Projects like these reinforce the integration of electronic music into the omnipresent indie scene. Blends of Cosmic Nu Disco, Psychedelic, Balearic, Emo, etc. are forming a new era of musical hybrids, and explorations are officially under way. After all, machines are human too… Aeroplane's orbit originated from an unlikely dot on the globe called Walonie, in the southern French part of Belgium. Stephen's ravenous musical addiction led him to a record pusher named Vito, whose shop became the launch point for their combined vision. As a duo, they fuel up on every ray of light that breaks through their similar backgrounds. Of mutual Italian descent, both were born and raised amid the smoky gray of the industrial Brussels suburbs. Their music dissolves those clouds and celebrates a cosmic hope they've carried with them, each determined to find harmony in life among family, friends and fans. Early 2009 finds Aeroplane somewhere above the clouds, producing their much-anticipated full-length album and, as always, mapping a return to something new

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