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Dragonette Dates

Sorry, there are no Dragonette dates.

Dragonette Biography

With a career spanning over fifteen years, electro-pop powerhouse Dragonette has returnedwith her acclaimed new album Twennies. On Twennies, Dragonette, Martina Sorbara, chose towork with one creative partner for the entire project - the Los Angeles based producer Dan Farber (Dizzee Racal, Lizzo). The two artists spent several weeks together holed up in Sorbara’s Toronto studio, where they wrote the majority of the record.“I’ve never concentratedon working on an album like that; just living and breathing this one thing,”she shares.Twennies marks a full-cirlce moment for Sorbara.“It’s a true hybrid of my original influences asa child and what I’ve learned along the way. It feels so representative of my musical journey.” She adds,“It’s my favorite thing I’ve ever done. I’m so proud of it.”


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