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Churchill War Rooms Biography

Her Majesty The Queen opened the world’s first major museum dedicated to the life of Sir Winston Churchill on 10 February 2005. The Churchill Museum is an integral part of the historic Cabinet War Rooms, located beneath the Treasury building in Whitehall, where visitors from all over the world and from all age groups can explore the character and experiences of the man behind the legend. The museum examines how Churchill achieved his global iconic status and looks at the changing world in which he lived his long and extraordinary life.

The museum combines cutting-edge technology, rare and significant historical objects, and thousands of images, film and sound recordings to tell the story of Churchill’s ninety-year life. Visitors follow the successes and controversies, the highs and lows, and the joys and sorrows of this pre-eminent and multi-talented writer, soldier and politician.

Churchill War Rooms
Visit Churchill War Rooms to discover the original Cabinet War Rooms, the wartime bunker that sheltered Churchill and his government during the Blitz. Explore the historic rooms and hear about the secret history, military strategies and secrets that were discussed in these underground tunnels. Find out more about the life and legacy of Sir Winston Churchill in the interactive Churchill Museum which is the first major museum in the world solely dedicated to this former Prime Minister. It uses fascinating multimedia displays and cutting-edge technology to explore Churchill's world -from devoted letters he wrote to his wife, to photo and film clips of his early life. Hear extracts from Churchill's rousing wartime speeches as you stand on the squares to activate Churchill's voice delivering now-familiar phrases such as 'Blood, toil, tears and sweat' and 'We shall fight them on the beaches'.

The Cabinet War Rooms
During WWII, the Churchill War Rooms were a secret lair located deep beneath London’s streets that housed headquarters for the British Government. The original Cabinet War Rooms were constructed to shelter important government workers should bombs rain down on the city during the Blitz, and these quarters were the heart of Britain’s wartime government. During your visit to the Churchill War Rooms you can immerse yourself in the maze of historic rooms where secrets were whispered and strategies debated by wartime leaders.

The Churchill Museum
The Churchill Museum is housed within the Churchill War Rooms, and explores the man behind the very public image the former Prime Minister upheld throughout the war. The first major museum in the world solely dedicated to Sir Winston Churchill, it uses fascinating interactive displays and technology to explore Churchill’s world – from devoted letters he wrote to his wife, to photo and film clips of his early life.

Undercover: Life in Churchill’s Bunker
Hear real life accounts of what life was like in the Cabinet War Rooms – the conditions underground, the camaraderie, the secrecy, the fear of attack and the experience of working in close proximity to Churchill. Photographs, documents and authentic artefacts are used to explore real life accounts of those who worked in the bunker.Churchill War Rooms from 2010.

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