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Alec Benjamin Biography

Having comea long way from thedays of promoting his music in parking lots of concert venues, singer-songwriter Alec Benjamin ended 2021 by playing to sold-out crowdsacross North America. With him, Alec brought on the road an already impressive resumé having reached 4B+ global streams, 10M+ social media followers across his platforms, 70M+ in playlist reach, and 1B+ YouTube views on his channel.

Following successes such as “Let Me Down Slowly” (Double-Platinum), “Water Fountain” (Platinum), and “Oh My God” (Gold), the self-made storyteller looks to continue to prove himself as, what TIMEcalls “a pop storyteller for the next generation.” More recently, Alec released his sophomore album (Un)Commentary in April 2022.With new tracks such as The Way You Felt,Older,“Shadow Of Mine,” and “Speakers” which have combined for over 100 million streamsAlec delivered powerful performances of each song on The Late LateShow with James Corden, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show respectivelyAlec looks to continue his retrospective run of new music into 2022 and show his fans and the world,why PAPER Magazine hailed him as “a storyteller who's mastered the art of turning everyday heartbreak into compelling pop songs.”


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