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Horrible Histories returns to the West End’s Garrick Theatre with Terrible Tudors this summer. The whole family will be laughing their way through history as it lives (and dies) on stage. Be sure to book your tickets for Terrible Tudors now whilst availability lasts!

It might be nice to really connect with history, feel like it was speaking to you. The trouble is, everyone’s already dead. Fear not, Horrible Histories have you covered. get ready for Terrible Tudors live on stage in the West End. Settle in and meet people from history. There are horrid Henries and an evil Elizabeth, pull up a seat and prepare to hear the lore (and the lies) surrounding the torturing Tudors. What became of the headless wives of Henry? Was there really a punch up with the Pope? Meet Bloody Mary and watch as Ed falls dead in his bed and survive the Spanish Armada. Whoever said history was boring didn’t know you could leave the nasty bits in! Horrible Histories on stage!

Based on the international smash-hit and award-winning book series penned by author Terry Deary. The Horrible Histories series are brought to life on stage by Neal Foster and the Birmingham Stage Company. To date, more than a dozen different Horrible Histories shows have been staged, often running together as double bills. Included among these shows are multiple Barmy Britain shows (parts one to five and the best of!). Besides the Terrible Tudors, there have also been Horrible Histories plays about the Vile Victorians, Awful Egytians, Ruthless Romans, Blitzed Brits and Groovy Greeks. Nottingham and the First World War each have their own show and there has been a Horrible Christmas show! The Horrible Histories stage shows have toured around the UK playing since the first premiered in 2005.

Find out the fate of history’s colourful cast of characters with any of the Horrible Histories shows! Horrible Histories Terrible Tudors tickets on sale now This is not your parent’s history play, it’ll have you on the edge of your seat. Be sure to get Horrible Histories tickets for the whole family and spend a summer day up to your necks in the history of the realm!


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