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Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown Biography

Tyler Bryant was born to play music. The 21-year-old guitar prodigy has 
been playing since he was six and was bred on the roughneck blues of Muddy 
Waters, Robert Johnson and Stevie Ray Vaughan. 
At age 11, Bryant’s parents found him jamming in a record store with 
seasoned blues guitarist, Roosevelt Twitty, and they knew their son was 
destined for something big. Four years later, he was introduced to blues’ 
predecessor and rock and roll, when he attended a Black Crowes concert. 
Soon thereafter, he started listening to bands like The Rolling Stones and 
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, and officially became hooked. 
During his senior year of high school, Bryant decided to make the big move 
from his home state of Texas to Nashville, Music City USA. It was here that 
he began to hone his craft of writing songs and performing, while still 
managing to graduate from high school 
Bryant’s impressive resume reads as if he’s been in the business for decades. 
Tyler was awarded the Robert Johnson Foundation’s New Generation Award 
at 16, which pointed him out as one of the most promising new guitarists on 
the scene. He was featured in the award-winning documentary Rock 
Prophecies (one of the most viewed documentaries on iTunes & Netflix), 
along with Santana and Slash, and was chosen at age 15 by Eric Clapton to 
play his Crossroads Festival. Tyler was also handpicked by Jim Lemley and 
Tim Burton to work on the score for the Fox Studios blockbuster, Abraham 
Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Tyler was also sought out personally by the 
legendary Jeff Beck to be the opener for his 2011 Spring & Fall tour. Jeff 
invited Tyler to play with him during his encore set each night – an almost 
unheard of request from the legend, as the last opener that he invited to play 
with him on-stage was Stevie Ray Vaughan in 1989. Tyler’s talent has even 
reached into the gaming world, being the only unsigned artist to have a song 
in Guitar Hero 5. 

Tyler is joined on stage by his just-as-extraordinary band mates. The 
Shakedown is comprised of an incredible array of musicians including Caleb 
Crosby (drums), Noah Denney (bass) and Graham Whitford, the son of 
Aerosmith’s Brad Whitford (guitar). 
Together, Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown, has built its rapport over 
several years, thanks in large part to a continuous string of live performances 
-- albeit wide-ranging in nature -- from opening stadiums for Aerosmith, Eric 
Clapton and B.B. King, to playing their own club gigs around the US and in 
Canada. It's like being a member of a gang or something," Bryant says of his 
band's unified presence, adding that he and his band mates have become 
locked in with one another to the point where they can predict each other's 
next move. "I know what they're thinking before they hit the note." 

Wild Child, the band’s shin-shattering full-length debut, was released 
January 2013. “We tracked the whole thing in 13 days with engineer Vance 
Powell (Jack White, Danger Mouse, Kings of Leon) at his studio in Nashville,” 
says Tyler. Wild Child was recorded the old fashioned way, on analog tape. 

Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown continue to build their fan base by 
constant touring. Tyler says “the band is more concerned with sustaining a 
long-term career than having a hit song and flaming out. We want to be one 
of those bands that builds true fans that stay with us for a long time.” 

Through it all, Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown has pushed the musical limits 
of guitar, vocals, and performance, and captured the attention of the music 
scene with their spectacular talent and rare showmanship. In the words of 
the iconic Vince Gill, “To play like this kid [Tyler Bryant] is the rarest of the 
rare. Hands down, a future guitar god.”

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