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Killing Joke
Killing Joke Dates

Sorry, there are no Killing Joke dates.

Killing Joke Biography

Notorious for their use of inflammatory imagery, a backlash against a world they perceived as ever more materialistic, unjust and conservative, Killing Joke, railed against the establishment and created a unique sound from their very conception. Ironically, in the current musical climate with it's obsession with rehashing eighties sounds, the 80's saw Killing Joke really pushing music forward, incorporating danceable elements with aggressive, grinding guitars and thumping drums. With elements of proto-techno rock, their post apocalyptic vision has inspired bands as diverse and influential as Nirvana, Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, Foo Fighters, Soundgarden and Godflesh. Covered by Metallica, Foo Fighters and more, Killing Joke's place in rock history was confirmed in 2005 when they won Kerrang magazine's prestigious lifetime achievement award. Killing Joke have always been and continue to be more than just a band. Gods of post-punk and metal, Killing Joke return with their eagerly anticipated new album to coincide with their world tour.

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