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Axeslasher Biography

Axeslasher were born out of an unsettling love for 80s slasher flicks and its associated gore, the deep and dark nature of human morality and the desire to play with a great set of boobs. The trio formed in late 2011 and for the most part, the band came into being in Denver, Colorado. Comprised of Justin Lascelle (Death Destruction Chaos, Enemy Reign) on vocals/guitar, Jake Kauffman (Speedwolf, Matawan) on bass, and Norwegian member Brynjar Helgetun (Crypticus, The Grotesquery, Liklukt) on drums, Axeslasher take the elements of the bands unnatural focus and imbue them with a fiery thrash tone.

Axeslasher have already garnered sizable label interest with a release slated for release this coming Fall and Anthology of Terror: Vol.1 has served to put Axeslasher firmly on the thrash map. Two tracks have been premiered so far – “Mark of the Pizzagram” and “Invasion of the Babe Snatchers” – and a vinyl and digital release of the EP will follow a cassette pressing of the aforementioned songs.

Never a band to do anything the easy way – self recording and releasing is the order of the day here – they also faced the conundrum of having a drummer living in another country. Thanks to modern technology Lascelle wrote the songs using drum loops and click tracks, then sent them to Helgetun who wrote his drum parts. Reverse the process, incorporate Patrick Bruss (Crypticus, Tombstones) to mix and master, and Anthology of Terror: Vol.1 slowly came to rotten life.

If disgustingly savage thrash is your bag, then Axeslasher tick all the known boxes. Their tongue-in-cheek song titles drip with a knowing edge and they have all the proverbial balls to back up their claims that they should “…be the soundtrack to a Tales from the Crypt reboot directed by Lloyd Kauffman.” Eat pizza and worship Satan indeed.

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