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Snake Rattle Rattle Snake
Snake Rattle Rattle Snake Dates

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Snake Rattle Rattle Snake Biography

With songs as seductively venomous as its name suggests, Snake Rattle Rattle Snake began in late 2008 when veterans of the Denver underground scene pursued a mutual interest in darkly atmospheric music with grounding in pulsing rhythms. Since its debut performance on Valentine's Day 2009, the band has shared the stage with The Dead Weather, Black Angels, The Rapture, Devotchka and Rocket From The Crypt. With severe yet ethereal guitars chiming over the top of tribal percussion and shot through with singer Hayley Helmericks' caustic lyrics, Snake sounds like a vital combination of spooky surf band, dark-wave rock and Siouxsie Sioux fronting a synth-driven New Order. The sense of menace and haunted introspection ultimately transforms into the kind of catharsis born of vanquishing personal demons with a joyfully cinematic flair. One of this band's secret weapons is the rhythmic structure created by drummer/percussionist Andrew Warner. The rich percussive textures allow the seething whirl of guitar interplay between Doug Spencer and Wilson Helmericks to ride on the waves of Jon Evans’ driving bass lines.

A benchmark for a band that has already received several accolades, Snake Rattle Rattle Snake was chosen by a panel of music industry experts to be awarded a tour grant in 2012 though the ground-breaking IMTour Program funded by the Western Arts Federation. After their debut full length Sineater (Oct 2011), the band gained national momentum with a Daytrotter session in 2011, also winning local awards for “Band of the Year” (303 Magazine and The Denver Post) and “Best Indie Rock Band” three years in a row (Westword). Always a compelling live act, Snake Rattle Rattle Snake has played the historic Red Rocks Amphitheatre, made multiple SXSW appearances and is poised to strike out of the insular Denver rock scene and into wider pastures with the release of their sophomore album Totem in fall 2014.


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