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Piaf! The Show Biography

Piaf! The Show is packed full of great songs from Mon to La Vie en Rose and there’s a stunning backdrop of film from post-war Paris and unseen photographs from the life of Piaf. Best of all, there’s the joyous spirit of Anne Carrere, who says 'I love all the songs because her hundreds of songs spoke in a universal language – Love! My favourite song of all is L’Hymne a L’Amour – for me, that’s a great moment in Piaf! The Show'.
'Anne Carrere conquered Broadway!' (NBC News)
'Piaf’s are very big shoes to fill, but Anne Carrere rises to the challenge, coming very close to nailing pretty much every aspect of the singer’s voice and mannerisms' (The Times)
'Piaf was an artist who seemed, almost uniquely to convey a place and a moment in time, and it is Anne Carrere, in a show partly inspired by the film La Vie en Rose, who gets closest to Edith Giovanna Gassion’s turbulent presence' (Brian Morton/BBC)


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