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After a period of isolation, of introspection and a journey inward, you step outside. Out into the world, emerging as a new self, prepared to face the external. Yet, as you come up for air, and cross over the threshold, nothing is as you remember it. There’s been a shift in the atmosphere and you’re overwhelmed by a sweeping, corporal sense of emotion. You can feel the tension, saturated in the air. As if the world is now cloaked in a palpable sense of feeling. Enter The Efferusphere.

You’ve set foot into a parallel dimension – one in which the emotional energy defines the law of what you see, of what you hear, based on how you feel. The Efferusphere is the emotional atmosphere of life on earth.

This phenomenon shakes you at your core, wholly exposing you to a seemingly impossible level of depth in introspection – but it is a safe space to be witness to yourself. You can finally observe your emotions rather than simply feeling them. You’re struck by sensation never experienced before: one you could not have possibly ever envisioned, akin to synesthesia for the soul. You find yourself physically surrounded by isolated emotional energy, as if they composite what we commonly understand as the weather & ether we move through.

Enthralled by this life-altering experience, akin to entering a world painted through the lens of magical realism, Stell found himself captivated and inspired to open this newfound world to those around him. Thus, he returns after nearly three years with his new album: The Efferusphere


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