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VOWWS Biography

Australian/Iranian Industrial-Pop duo VOWWS met while studying music in Sydney, Australia. They played in multiple experimental rock bands in Sydney together before moving to NYC in 2011 and creating VOWWS.

Gradually their tension, conflict and chemistry began to define their world, and their sound. The result is as bipolar as it is harmonized, with drama and extremity facing off against diligence and measured observation. Friend, producer (and sometimes mediator) Kevin McMahon (SWANS, The Walkmen) helped capture this dichotomy on tape, disguising a collection of dense pop songs with layers of distortion; grinding and swaying and pushing all the while.

In 2014 VOWWS moved to LA and signed with Cleopatra Records, and were able to finalize the album, which features appearances by Gary Numan, Thor Harris (SWANS) and Beki Aldridge (The Mavis's). It is entitled 'The Great Sun' and is due for release in 2015.


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