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100 Monkeys
100 Monkeys Dates

Sorry, there are no 100 Monkeys dates.

100 Monkeys Biography

The hundredth monkey effect generally describes the instant, paranormal spreading of an idea or ability to the remainder of a population once a certain portion of that population has heard of the new idea or learned the new ability... hmm.

Ben G. - Was assembled in the port of Juarang, but his parts were made in Thailand. Traveled to the states in '91 with his brother and mule, and they never would've made it if Ben wasn't a submersible, "that means I work underwater." Ben started playing music two Januarys ago.

Ben J. - Discovered in the woods of Illinois, captured and brought to NY where he learned to hit things in rhythmic fashion that pleas-eth the ear. rescued by Spencer Bell, and brought to WI where he continued to hit things in rhythmic delight for the band, The Stevedores. After braving the winters of WI, he migrated southwest to Los Angeles, and started hitting things in rhythmic fashion that so pleas-eth the ear as a 100 Monkey.

J. Action - Parts made in Indonesia, assembled in Singapore, raised on airplane peanuts and bathed in airport restroom sinks, he was saved by texas. given a guitar and a coat he accidentally ventured into the unknown... a wormhole opened, and he found himself in La La Land. He learned how to stand where they told him to, say what they told him to and never lie. Rescued by the 100 Monkeys, he now swings about the stage in gratitude.

J. Rad - An agile primate, swung on bars and competed as an acrobat for many years. Is of a rare breed, having the ability to communicate via sign language. He adapted to a coastal habitat, surfing and skateboarding as a way to pass time. However, it wasn't until he mastered the technique of the singing strings and melodic hammer machine, that the 100 Monkeys rushed to claim him as their own.

Uncle - Known only as Uncle since discovered at the age of four by a band of traveling musicians, he wouldn't stop hitting things. For that reason he was given a drum and put to work. After learning the meaning of life at the age of seven he found learning every instrument a simple task. He proceeded to continue his travels and learned all knowledge worth learning. After happening upon a troupe of monkeys he officially became a monkeys' uncle.


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