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Corey Taylor
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Corey Taylor Biography

During his first appearance with Slipknot he didn't wear any mask instead he wore make-up and is sometimes said to dress up as a priest onstage. During the self-titled era Taylor wore two masks; one in 1998, which was white and had holes in it. His real dreadlocks stuck out from the holes. The second, worn from 1999-2000, is darker in color. During Slipknot's Iowa era he had the same mask, except it is more professional in its design. He, removed his hair from dreadlocks and ponytailed his hair under the mask, and taped the dreadlocks onto the mask. His eyes and mouth were now more visible, as well. During the Vol. 3 era Corey Taylor wore two different masks. One that was slime green and had stitches down the middle, with the mouth being smashed to the right. The other was almost a brownish red color. After the unveiling of the All Hope Is Gone masks, Corey Taylor wore and continues to wear three masks. One of them with green and one eye-hole being round; the other being a target and lacking the green-coloring near the mouth. The third is nearly identical to the first two, it is, however, near entirely white, with only subtle gray decorations located around the headline.


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