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E.Town Concrete
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E.Town Concrete Biography

The road has never been easy. After 10 years in the game and outlasting just about all of their peers, Concrete is STILL fighting for respect. Maybe it's because their from Jersey...maybe it's because they wear jerseys. Or maybe it's because they had aspirations of transcending from the "hardcore scene" from which they came. The truth is, they never have been accepted by "the scene" anyway. Way back in 1995 at the Pipeline in Newark, NJ there were the detractors. They were too hardcore for metal kids, too rappy for hardcore kids and too aggressive for hip-hop kids. Concrete has always been the black sheep of underground music. Like that drunk family member who everyone tries to disassociate themselves from at family functions. They are freinds with just about every "cool" band, but never get invited on tours for fear of guilt by association. After the classic "Time 2 Shine" they should have called it quits. Their next album, "The Second Coming" was too metal..."The Renaissance" was too commercial...and now "Made For War" is too political. The bottom line is Concrete never gave a fuck what people called them, they just wanted to play the music they wanted to hear. Called everything from "sell-outs" to "wiggers" they have been fighting stigmas evey step of the way. has seen the rise and fall of many bands considered "cooler" or "more important", while quietly maintaining a viable carrer under the radar. Love them or hate them, it's time to show Concrete the respect they deserve.

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